July 16, 2021 | by: MJ

Pucker UP!! Kissing is good for us!!

➢ It helps you lose weight: A report found that a simple kiss burns 2-3 calories per minute, whereas a passionate kiss can burn 5-26 calories per minute. (I’m not sure if this is enough to help you lose weight, but at least you can’t eat while you’re doing it!)
➢ It can boost your self-esteem: Kissing causes the brain to release oxytocin and dopamine, which can lead to greater feelings of affection, bonding and intimacy. And kissing someone indicates certain feelings toward a person, which makes them feel good about themselves. (THIS is why my dog kisses me?)
➢ Kissing can reduce cavities: Two ways – kissing increases saliva flow, which washes away the acids in your mouth that can cause cavities. Plus, if a person is planning on kissing, they are more likely to take better care of their oral hygiene.
➢ It can dilate your blood vessels: Kissing makes your heart rate increase. As a result, blood pressure decreases and blood vessels dilate. This not only makes you less-stressed, it can reduce pain from things such as headaches.