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Amherst to Amherst Walking Challenge

February 1

Amherst, New Hampshire., Amherst, New York, and Amherst, N.S., have challenged each other to see which community can walk the farthest in February. Each community will start their walks here in Amherst.  Each community is also challenged to see how many other communities named Amherst they can reach in North America, as they travel a pre-determined route, and who can get there first. To participate, go for a walk or jog. Record your distance and submit the total to Allison Watson at amherstrecreation@amherst.ca, with the subject line “Amherst to Amherst Walking Challenge“. Since we have until Feb 28, keep adding the kilometers every time you walk. And check the Amherst To Amherst Walking Challenge Facebook Event page on Monday and Thursday in February for updates on how far each community has traveled.


February 1